5G is a concept that promises a major innovation in technology. It is 100x faster than 4G. Imagine what you can do with 5G. This innovation will not only change the game in the arena of smartphones but also how we communicate worldwide. Experts said that 5G can also help build better concept for automated cars to be safer. It can also improve vodafone top up, so everyone doesn’t have to look for signal anymore. Because wherever you are, 5G promises you a fast interaction to the internet.

Foldable/Flexible Phone

Samsung is testing this new concept. The boiling question is how can we make a foldable/flexible phone without sacrificing the quality of screen resolution? Samsung still not releasing any details about recarga lebara and how they would accomplish this. But certainly, they’ll find a way. The testing is still happening at this very moment. It’s just so exciting to know what it would look like. But we can expect that this new phone will be a space saver and more sturdy compared to current versions where the notch is made of glass.

Multiple Camera Lenses and Way Advance Than What We Havesamsung

We can expect to have a better camera for better selfies this year. The concept was based on DSLR. There are several types of lenses depending on the shot you want to achieve. Imagine if you can get the same quality from your smartphone. You no longer have to bring bulky DSLR just to achieve that professional photography effect.