One of the things that made Samsung dominate the industry of smartphones is Android. Despite the steep competition, Android managed to stay ahead of the game by providing users with unbeatable features you cannot find in other OS. For those who don’t have heedful eyes, these features might not be obvious, but they made all the difference.

Customizable Widgets

Samsung intelligently integrated Android’s versatility on its user interface. These customizable widgets gave an edge to users to fully control how they organize their stuff. Not only they are easy to access, but they also come with different design icons. Iphone’s version of themes is quite held back. Well, it works if you are into minimalism. But if you are a person who is all over the place in Media Markt gutschein, Android’s version is a lot better.

Choices and More Choices in the Google Play Store

Compared to other smartphones which use a different OS, Android will give you tons of options. What makes seal the deal is these apps usually can be downloaded for free. If you are techy, you can even get paid apps for free through hacks. We don’t recommend you to do that, we just want to state the fact that Android comes with lots of lebara bonos. Another thing is, Google Play Store is the number one online store for apps which means they always go first.

Expandable Memory and Replaceable Battery

androidUnlike with iPhone, Android smartphones gives its user the advantage of expanding the memory. How much does it cost to upgrade your iPhone’s memory? Buy a new one? We’ve been checking out smartphones listing on ส่วนลด Lazada. Considering the specs of Samsung vs. iPhone, we cannot deny that Samsung offers more beef. With Samsung, you can replace the battery, expand the memory, and even get more options on the casing and protectors.

Compatibility with Other Devices

Android smartphones are easier to use along with your other devices regardless of what brand you use for TV and or computer. Debates and arguments rise to question Android’s security due to its versatility. But these issues surrounding in security and privacy are the responsibility of the user.